Chiropractic focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of conditions that are caused by and related to dysfunctional joints, muscles and nerves. Our profession is a “hands on” one, in that we use methods that are holistic and natural; which do not include drug therapy or surgery.

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Corporate Wellness Day

Corporate Wellness Day

In this day and age working in a corporate environment can create excessive amounts of physical and mental stress on employees. At Reset Chiropractic and Wellness, we offer Corporate Wellness Days, where our practitioners will come out to your business and assess and treat your team. We also provide employees with ergonomic advice and general wellness tips that will help them perform at their optimum.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a form of therapy where acupuncture needles are inserted into a muscle spasm. This aims to increase blood flow to the area of the muscle that is spasmed, which normally has a reduced blood flow. The reduced blood flow contributes to pain and inflammation in the muscle, and by increasing the blood flow to that muscle using dry needling, the pain and inflammation in that area begins to decrease.



Electrotherapy involves the use of machines (IFC and TENS), that emit healthy electrical current into inflamed or painful muscles and joints. This treatment modality helps to decrease the pain a patient experiences. It also helps to increase the blood flow in the area which assists in decreasing inflammation, encouraging healing and increasing mobility.


Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping is the application of a band of flexible tape to an area of injury, inflammation or muscle spasm or strain. The tension created on the skin by the tape helps to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation and promotes correct muscular contraction and movement.



Joint Manipulation is a technique used by trained Chiropractors to increase mobility in the joints of the spine and extremities. At Reset Chiropractic and Wellness Clinics, we use the diversified method of manipulation. This means that we use a hands-on technique to release fixated joints which cause pain. This technique helps to increase healing, decrease inflammation, decrease pain and promotes normal movement of joints.

Soft Tissue

Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft Tissue Therapy involves the use of specified massage techniques which aim to decrease muscular tension and release muscle spasm. By applying pressure to the areas of spasm, we aim to decrease abnormal muscle tautness and increase the muscle’s blood flow, which in turn decreases the pain and inflammation in the muscle.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic Ultrasound

This treatment technique is used to decrease swelling, promote healing, breakdown scar tissue, encourage blood flow and decrease inflammation in joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. During this therapy an ultrasound machine is used over the injured region for several minutes.


I started seeing Dr. Neetu Govender some years ago, and have seen dramatic changes. I have felt improvements in all aspects of my life, from the professional to social environments. Dr. Govender shares her broad technical knowledge in a collaborative and personable way. For example, beginning with a discussion about my lifestyle and exercise habits, which may explain in part why the practice is so successful.

Dr. Govender’s commitment to her patients is exemplary and the atmosphere is both professional and friendly. I have been seeing Dr. Govender for pain in my lower back and her treatments have given me much relief and I would highly recommend seeing her for all chiropractic needs. She is an excellent doctor. She really cares about her patients and their health concerns.If you are looking for a Chiropractor whose medical knowledge is encyclopedic, treats the whole person revitalizing mind body and soul, and takes the time to be caring even while maintaining a very efficient office, then Dr. Neetu Govender is someone you should consider visiting.

Dr. Neetu Govender, each visit exemplifies your work which is so incredible good, my life changed since the very first day, thanks to you…thank you, thank you very much 10 Stars for you.

Kevash Hurrychuran Patient

Hi my name is Fathima Kazi and I highly recommend Neetu Govender at Reset Chiropractic an Wellness Clinic because I am all too aware of back problems and pinched nerves and whenever I have visited Neetu barely able to move because of pain, I have always returned pain free and feeling 100% better.Neetu is blessed with magical hands and she really works that magic on her patients.

Fathima Kazi Patient

Suffering from constant headaches and stress can be a real pain in the neck…literally. Painkillers and anti-inflammatories were my saviour to get me through the day. I did not know that my issues could be resolved via a series of chiro treatments until I spoke to chiropractor, Dr Neetu Govender, who recommended I try it out. Being the sceptic that I am and terrified of the thought of anybody “cracking” my neck (which nobody has ever done by the way!!!), I decided to give it a try…after all, what did I have to lose apart from the constant pain or…the scary thought ringing in the back of my mind…it could get worse!!! I am glad that I faced my fears and went ahead with treatment. It’s the best decision I’ve made health-wise thus far. I am pain-free and it is an awesome feeling. Whenever I start to feel the effects from daily life, I make a trip to Dr Govender for my usual “cracking” session and I’m back to my normal pain-free self again. Thank you Dr Neetu.

Dr Neetu has also treated my dad and helped rehabilitate him after his near death episode which left him with extremely limited use of his right hand and leg. She’s treated him on a weekly basis for about 2 months, stimulating the muscles in his limbs. He has now made an amazing recovery and has gained the use of his limbs which we thought was not possible. Thank you for your healing touch Dr Neetu. You are truly blessed to have this gift.

Asha Chetram Patient

I remember,  in 2002,  being hunched over in absolute agony with excruciating pain in my lower back  when my husband made an appointment with Dr Neetu Govender. I could not even lie on her bed when Neetu wanted to assess me. In a few minutes she told me exactly where and what the problem was and started treatment. I expected to be prodded and kneaded but she placed those wonderful healing hands on my back and I remember feeling the pain leave. I walked out of her rooms,  up her very steep driveway to the car walking straight up and not the way I walked in. Over the many years we have formed a firm bond of friendship  which I will  forever be grateful. I even feel the need to go in for just a back massage and adjustment. You never cease to amaze me with your energy and out of this world sparkling disposition. I don’t even know when the hour is up and I have to leave. Thank you Neetu for you generous treatment and friendship. May you proper always.

Kribi Manthree Patient

When i was first introduced to chiropractic therapy  i thought it was only for those who have severe back pain. I have since learned that chiropractic therapy is for overall wellness. Our family Chiropractor Dr Neetu Govender is the best we know. After several weeks of lower back and side pain that which got worse during my travel  from Saudi Arabia to Durban. My first appointment was to see my Chiropractor;  Dr Neetu Govender. Whilst abroad the doctors were treating me for muscular spasms and gave me muscle relaxants and pain killers. There was very little relief from pain.

I want to say a Big THANK YOU for not only making me feel better physically but also emotionally. You are so easy to talk to and because of this i bet you get to have many interesting conversations with other patients too. I truly appreciate your advice and i commend you on your wisdom; great listening skills and your feedback.

Also Thanking you for regularly contacting me to check on my wellness.. I feel 110% better now and I can travel back knowing that I no longer have those severe pains that created discomfort.

We have recommended you to many of our South African friends living with us abroad.

Lorraine Naidoo Patient

Dr Neetu Govender is one of the most amazing Chiropractors that I know. Not only has she helped my family and I with our musculoskeletal conditions but she has been the perfect mentor never afraid of sharing her knowledge with her colleagues. I am a confident Chiropractor today because of her patience and willingness to mentor me when I was a student ❤ thank you so much

Dr Harsha Moti Chiropractor

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